Razzle-Dazzle leads:

are made with three bead clusters (unless you specify otherwise) -- a beautiful larger center cluster and two complementary side clusters.  You can select from leashes that are pre-made and ready to ship, or specify length, type of connector (swivel snap or loop), and color or color combination. Pre-made leashes are approximately 3-1/2 to 4 feet long but can be custom made to any length.  At Razzle Dazzle we love bling, but you can order as much or as little of it as you like.   Prices do not include shipping, and Virginia residents will need to add 5% to the cost of the item(s) for tax.
Resco -- Designed similar to the original Resco lead, these all-in-one lead/collar combinations have an integrated collar at the end of the lead.  The circumferance of the collar can be adjusted around the dog's neck with a sliding bead that holds it in place.  When measuring the size of the collar, allow an extra 2-3" more than the dog's neck size.
English Slip --  Another type of all-in-one lead and collar combo, this one is made with the collar on a sliding ring which adjusts to the dog's neck size. Each lead has a sliding stopper bead that can tighten the collar around the dog's neck to keep it snug and prevent it from slipping off the dog's head.
In additional to traditional leads we also offer RESCO and ENGLISH SLIP leads - look below for examples!
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