~Razzle Dazzle items are made with genuine Kangaroo leather which is stronger and softer than cowhide.

~Are reinforced with a core equal to 300 lb test Spectra Fiber line.  One of the worlds strongest & lightest fibers ~ it is 15 X stronger than steel.

~Have knots and the beginning and end of all bead clusters.
** NO slippage and NO glue!

~Are braided all the way through, even under the bead clusters, providing extra strength.

~Are each hand braided as tightly and smoothly as possible to produce items that are both strongly made and very attractive.
Although kangaroo leather is naturally very strong and a core is used for each dog item, Razzle-Dazzle is not responsible for injury to or loss of any dog as a result of using any of our products.  Every dog is different and you are responsible for determining the appropriateness of using them for your dog.
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