Have a collar made to match your lead!  Collars can have a bead cluster or not, and come in two widths and any length.  The narrower collar is made from 1/8" kangaroo leather and is ideal for the show ring.  The wider, 1/4" leather makes an ideal collar for agility, obedience, and other performance events and training, as well as taking your very fashionable friend for a long walk.

The rings on the collars are very heavy duty solid brass O-rings, and like all our dog products, the collars have cores for added strength.
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When measuring the length for a slip collar, measure your dog's neck and add 2-3" more so you can easily slip it over the dog's head, but not so much that it would allow the head to slip out of the collar should they pull back.

For a martingale collar, measure only your dog's neck size.  The measurement should be about the same size of the neck.  The smaller loop on the collar will allow the collar to expand or contract as needed, and will provide the extra space for putting on and removing the collar.